The Outcasts

Calico's Journal #5, part 2

The trouble with flying pests

After we divvied up the loot from the deformed goblin, we decided to backtrack and explore the passages we had skipped. Traveling stealthily down the halls, we came across a strange altar of black granite. In a rough, hollow depression in the top, there was about six inches of fetid, gross water. The boyos examined the pool and the altar in great detail. I stayed back, as the thing stank to the heavens. Chaff determined it was an altar to Lamashtu, the mother of monsters. Not wanting to let it sit, undisturbed, Chaff set about scooping all the water out with his bare hands. I must remember to never to let him touch me.

After the altar we came upon the most bizarre room. Circular, its walls covered in seamless red metal, with numerous odd objects floating about in mid-air! With rope tied about his waist, Chaff entered the chamber, only to find himself weightless, as well. After a thorough, but fruitless examination, he collected the items. A wand of twisted metal, identified by Patrick as one of Shocking Grasp, a scroll of Burning Hands, a bottle of fine wine (a vintage I am pleasantly familiar with), a tome of fell beasts, like a conjurer’s grimoire, and a dead and maggot infested raven. Patrick took the wand, the scroll and the grimoire, while Chaff held on to the raven for some reason. We’ll uncork the wine when we leave these twisted warrens.

Continuing on, we came to a set of large stone doors. While I was attempting to quietly open them, the stone ground on the floor, alerting whatever was on the other side. We heard an ear-piercing shriek from beyond, and threw open the doors. In the large chamber with a macabre pool, and twin staircases leading up to a small balcony, we spied what could only be the quasit. Obviously female, but tiny, with large leathery wings, and the horned head of a demon. She shrieked again, some drivel about defiling the mother’s sanctum, and then used her own fiendish blood to summon forth a Sin Spawn.

We rushed in to take the fight to the little bitch. I stuck her with a throwing knife right away, taking her a bit by surprise, I believe. After that it was a drawn out fight. She could fly, and apparently disappear at will. Fighting a tiny, flying, invisible creature is no easy task. She threw spell after spell at us, mostly trying to scare us or make us flee. It had some effect, but nothing that could take us out of the fight entirely. Cohl and I jumped around the room, attempting to strike the demon in the air, while Chaff lent his divine support and Patrick imbued his own bow with arcane power. Eventually enough arrows and blades weakened her, until she was flapping unsteadily in the air. Chaff then had a brilliant notion, and pulled the dead raven out of his pack. This drove the beast mad! She swooped down on the half drow, trying to bite and claw him. Finally down to our level, it was easy to dispatch her.

Before we could explore the rest of the chamber, I quickly pocketed the quasit’s tiny little knife. It is enchanted to fly back to the wielder’s hand after it has been thrown. I shall call it Stinger.

We did a quick once through of the rest of the tunnels and only ran into one strange beastie. A vargouille, some kind of flying, undead head. It was disturbing, but posed little threat. We also found two collapsed staircases, one going up, the other going down. The one leading further into the depths seemed choked tight with rubble, deeper than we could determine. Below we could hear the faint baying of wolves, or something worse. Investigating that will have to wait. The one leading up turned out to exit onto the streets of Sandpoint, directly next to the old scholar’s house. It was hidden by an overgrown cairn of stone, with only the wind and small birds able to enter. Now it’s off to the Rusty Dragon to rest, relax, and figure out what our next move is.



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