The Outcasts

Calico's Journal #8

The Stupidity of Goblins and Heroes

Learning from our mistake on the bridge, we decided to not try smashing through the front gate. Instead we circled around the side of the keep, looking for other ways in. We didn’t find anything, so once we were near the back, I climbed up to the roof for a quick reconnoiter. From above I saw that there was a courtyard in the keep, home to four goblin dogs. I had everyone follow me up, and from there we launched an attack on the mangy vermin. Two we took down quickly, but the remaining ones started barking up a clamor. This alerted some of the goblins inside. A few of us jumped down, into the courtyard, and we fought off the last two dogs, and the wave of gobbos that joined them. During the fight strange noises and commotion were coming from an outbuilding to one side of the yard. The gobbos had nailed shut the door to the outbuilding, but whatever was in there wanted out, badly.

Once we had killed all but one of the goblins (one lone smart goblin fled), we pried the boards and nails off the outbuilding door. In a violent explosion, the horse inside kicked the door to splinters. It was a magnificent grey stallion, though underfed and skittish. Cohl calmed the beast with careful whispers, and we got close enough to see its name on its bridle. Shadowmist….. a beautiful name for a beautiful horse. I recalled hearing that name back in Sandpoint, but not who the owner might be. I’m sure the stabler would know.

From the courtyard we explored the side passages, finding two sets of stairs leading further down, into the island. We also found barracks, storage rooms full of pickles, and two doors leading into what we assumed was the great hall. I had heard “singing” coming from the area, earlier, so we figured some sort of feast was going on. We came up with the plan to rush in from both entrances (when will we learn?), and take the gobbos by surprise. Of course, we hadn’t figured on the goblin who escaped. We rushed in, only to find a single goblin, obviously the chief. Ripnugget, I believe Shelalu had called him. At his side was a lizard the size of a large dog. He chugged a potion and jumped upon his “steed”. Just then three more gobbos dropped down, out of the rafters, and a war chanter popped up from behind the throne. So much for surprise.

The chanter cast something on Cohl, causing him to fall to the ground in a fit of hysterics, and the chief charged to the other side of the room. The rest of us moved in, trying to take out the chanter and the other goblins. I dropped one, right quick, but the other proved harder to kill. The chief kept charging his lizard at us, taking swings with his viscous dog slicer. Cohl was back up, and eventually, like 1-2-3, we took out the chanter and the rafter gobbos. All that was left was Ripnugget. Chaff had dropped the blessing of his god on us earlier in the fight, and that helped our weapons find their mark. Soon we had the chief cornered, and killed his lizard, Stickfoot, out from underneath him. Sivanah spare me, but these green bastards pick the dumbest names for their pets….Stickfoot? Tangletooth? Now, Shadowmist…. That’s a good name. What should I name my horse? Is she equal to a great name? These things are important to my people. But I digress.

Alone, mountless, and cornered, Ripnugget didn’t stand a chance. He perished under our onslaught. Time to see what shinies he has in him, take a look around some of these other rooms, and then find out what lies beneath.



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