The Outcasts

Finally battle

The glassworks dungeon and all my failures in it’s halls we’re all I could take. The town had become oppressive and too many questions swirled around us. After the demon, a dead crow, and an elven ranger with some answers, I was happy to finally have permission to leave the walls of Sand Point. I was sticking with my companions, we were a family now, but my patience was at its end. I wish the ranger could have come with us. She pointed the way to the thistletop stronghold. I know that Patrick was as glad as I.

Finally we were on the trail of the goblin filth.
So careful were we when we found their bramble barricade. We cleared passages, slew sorcerers and their familiars, and took out a rear guard of archers. Carefully combing and laying plans. We set a fire and lured just a few, of what we thought would be many fools with the smoke. With no more coming to be slain, there was nothing to do but charge. We talked about being open to their archers, or cut down on the bridge, but did no searching testing or real planning. We got in formation and charged the swaying rope bridge. Who knows if the weight of just myself, which is substantial, would have sent it sideways. Maybe it was trapped. Either way, all but myself, grasped something and pulled themselves to either side.
I was desperate in the foam of the break, afraid of being dashed on rock or taken under by something hungry. I swam. I pushed. I swam to the rock on which the stronghold stood. Then i climbed.
At the top I found callico, and fewer goblins than I expected. After catching my breath and looking at our surroundings, Patrick cleared some windows from across the gap and I finally was able to send a rope across with the short bow we acquired.
We’re all on the goblin side of the gap. All ready to bring a helping of steel to this cackling hoard.


I’ve spent 2 hour now, writing this. Deleted twice with a little bump. Try again tomorrow

Finally battle

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