The Outcasts

Patrick's Journal, Entry #2

We’ve finally made it into the wild and I’m feeling freed of Sandpoint’s limitations. Although I am still often overcome with self doubt, I am feeling truly bonded with my bow. I will call her Ebony from now on, due to the nature of her dark look and feel. She brings me out of dark times and keeps me safe from the world’s dangers.

My adventuring companions continue to teach me much on the path. They have grown into friends and we are learning how to interact better with one another and battle as a team. For the most part, we think well together and strategize effectively. Unfortunately, we lost our focus in the recent past…

Although we now sit amongst the filth of the goblin abode, victorious over Ripnugget and his brethren, it took some work to get here. We were able to slaughter the gobs efficiently before crossing the bridge, but we got too confident, panicked and rushed across the bridge as a group. The bridge dumped us and Cohl dropped into the sea below. Calico, Chaff and I miraculously held on and climbed for our lives back to solid ground. After an amazing climb from Cohl and quick thoughts from Calico, we made it across the chasm to the keep. I still don’t know how Calico managed to keep from being hurt by the goblins, but she made a great physical display of agility in evasion. The gods must have been with her.

We then did a smooth job of clearing the goblins from their keep, and managed to free and befriend a warhorse as well. After running about in the dark for some time, we came upon Ripnugget, his lizard steed and a mage. After some heated battle, we dropped them and now await the final exploration of the keep below. I learned from this encounter that I need to empower my bow at the beginning of battle and not rush into the fray. I need to let the others lead the charge and offer support from a distance— it is where I am most effective. Getting boxed in hampers my fighting ability. The sword is definitely not my preferred weapon.

I can feel my ability to use magic growing as I cast more and surround myself with magical objects. I look forward to further harnessing this power…



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