XP and loot from 2/8:
XP for the last Session:

Nualia; 1600
“Fluffy”, her fave Yeth Hound: 800
Negotiating the Hall Trap: 1200
The Crab and Orik: 1600

Total XP: 5200

Base per: 1300 per

We’ll talk about bonuses on the 8th:


From Nualia:

Breastplate: (magical)
Bastard Sword: (magical)
Gold Holy Symbol: (Non-magical)
Strange Medallion: (magical) The medallion has the same seven-pointed star that you’ve seen throughout the 1st chapter.
High Quality Long Composite Bow: (Non-magical)
7 pp
5 gp

From a vast array of sources; e.g. journals, books, letters, maps, etc., the whole of Nualia’s story is learned. It is quite extensive and will be sent later on…it will require scanning and emailing an entire page from the book…lots of important info – especially regarding something in the Catacombs (where the quasit was defeated) that was not investigated completely – something called a runewell.

From the crab:

A massive helmet that appears to be made at least partially from gold. You estimate it to weigh in the neighborhood of 300 lbs.
a jade amulet (magical)
3500 sp
630 gp
40 precious stones, each in the 8-12 gp value range

XP from 1/20

Lyrie Akenja: 800

Bruthazmus: 800

2 Yeth Hounds: 1600

Goblin Harem: 135 X 4

Total per PC…935

Chaff gets MAG bonus: 140

Scribe, Banter: 140 each

XP from 12/29…missed

XP from 12/7

10 Birdcruncher Goblin refugees…1350

4 Chained Goblin Dogs…200

Negotiating the trapped bridge…1200

4 Thistletop Goblins…540

4 Goblin Dogs…1600

Total per PC = 1223

See you guys on Friday – the stockade awaits.


XP for 11/4/12

XP from 11/4…

Erylium the Quasit…1200
the demon was summoned so no xp…sorry

Base: 450

Banter (again, everyone gets the bonus because I didn’t give anyone anything to banter about): 67

Journal: Calico gets 67

MAG: Chaff the “Blood flinger” gets 67

Calico: 694

Chaff: 694

Cohl Ogre Penis: 572

Patrick Morgan: 572

XP for 8/3/12 Session

Guys, you have a choice to make regarding your XP:

1) Stick with the fast track (1300 to level up to two)and only be awarded points that are listed by the AP’s publisher.

2) Go the moderate advancement route (2000 to level up to 2) and supplement standard XP with my awarding of XP for exceptional game play (like Mark did).

My choice is #1 as it will ensure that you’ll be progressing as the writer excpects, but I defer to the voice of the party.

Either way, here’s your first batch of standard XP:

9 Goblins: 1215
1 Goblin Warchanter: 200
1 Goblin Commando: 200
1 Goblin Dog: 400

XP for each PC: 403
One other note, do you want me to list your treasure? Let me know your thoughts on XP. Great session!!


XP for 8/17/2012 Session

Here you go, boys. Session XP:

Boar: 600
2 Skeletons: 270

Total: 870/5

XP per character: 174

I need your MAG votes by Friday. Winner gets 26 xp

Step up and join the conversation between now and the 30th, get another 26 xp. I’ll let you know if you’re worthy by the 31st.

Adam…you’re the first to post the journal, if you do it you can claim a whopping 17 xp. If you don’t do it by Friday, the next person in line goes, etc. etc.: here’s the order:

1) Adam
2) Went
3) Boone
4) Lucky
5) Mark


XP for 8/31 Session

Good news guys…YOU ALL LEVELED

Here’s a breakdown of last night’s action:

Dealing with Shayliss and her “rats”: 600 (could have been 800, but Patrick pissed him off. However, having Chaff and Balty nearby saved the night)

Dealing with Lonjiku at the Rusty Dragon: 400 (for restraint and Cohl’s intimidation)

8 Dead Goblins: 1080

Tsuto: 800

Rescuing Ameiko: 1200

Total: 4080/5= 816 per.

Mark won the MAG bonus for an additional 122.

Boone gets the journal option for another 82

Banter Bonus this week: 122 – just a few emails, boys, that’s all it takes. The banter will be important over the next two months just to keep momentum moving forward.

Here’s the current levels:

Balty: 1541
Patrick: 1445
Link: 1419
Cohl: 1410
Chaff: 1393

Let me know what you decide to do with your levels and use the Cyrnus roller for your HP http://www.cyrnus.com/cgi-bin/rollem.cgi

I’ll be sending out a “Woot, woot! we got loot” email tonight or tomorrow with everything you yanked off of Tsuto. Please email me if there is anything in particular you are interested in searching. I’ll also be be sending a summary of what you know about Nualia (and posting on OP). Included in that will be a description of the large mound of glass that Chaff has decided to go back and investigate before you leave the glassworks. Finally, I’ll post a brief description of the strange disappearance of Balty at night’s end so that clues will not be forgotten.

Thanks all, great feedback, hope you’re having fun.



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