The Outcasts

Calico's Journal #11

The Almost Triumphant Return

We brought Patrick back from the brink of death with some magic healing, and set about searching Nualia's lair. There were piles and piles of notes, from which we were able to piece together Nualia's story. Apparently she had a trust with a young gent, and ended up conceiving a child while beneath the Glassworks. Her proximity to what we now know is the Catacombs of Wrath, the strange area dedicated to Lamashtu, caused her child to become hideously deformed. It also seeded in her a hatred of herself, her father, and all Sandpoint. It seems that something called a "rune well" had awakened to its power, and that was the source of the corruption. After her monster pregnancy ended in horrific miscarriage, she fled to Magnimar, where she hooked up with a gang of killers known as the Skinsaw Cult. It was there, with them, that she started to formulate her plan to destroy Sandpoint.

Also in her notes there was mention of Malfeshnekor, who is apparently something calld a Barghest, some kind of demon goblin wolf. There was no indication of how to destroy it, so we opted for the old fashioned method…. Murder by brute force. We took up position outside of Malfeshnekor’s prison, and Cohl opened the door with the key. The roo. Beyond appeared empty, save for some kind if fire in the center. Chaff went in to investigate, and ended up dumping a few tables covered in candles into the flames. I’m not sure if that did anything, or not, but just then Malfeshy appeared out of nowhere and attacked Chaff. The half drow, half reckless idiot barely made it out if the room with his skin still attached.

From there we tried various methods of attack. Patrick fired his bow, Cohl swung his greatsword… I even took up a bow in an attempt to hit the fiend from range. Nothing. I mean zero effect. It seemed that nothing we threw at the barghest hurt it in the slightest. That is, when we could even hit it. I swear I saw arrows that were aimed dead on pass right through where Malfeshnekor should have been. He was hurting us bad whenever we tried to get close enough to hit him in melee. The close in type of combat I excel at wasn’t going to work. When he started to hit us with spells, and Cohl began blubbering like a little girl with a skinned knee (again), we decided it was time to call it a day. Cohl managed to fight through his crushing despair, and shut and seal the door. We promptly beat feet out of the fort.

Faced with a bridge that was held to the cliff face by one measly rope, we put our heads together to come p with a plan. There was the rope we had fired across the gap earlier, that we could probably climb across on, but that damn warhorse was back with us and no one wanted to leave it behind. We managed to rig a system where I could tow the bridge to the other side, and fix it there. Soon enough we were all across and gingerly leading the horse back to the road. We found our other mounts where we had tethered them, and rode back to Sandpoint triumphant. The heroes had done it! We had saved the day, and now we were going to revel in the glory and riches!

We were welcomed back into Sandpoint, and we quickly convened a meeting with the mayor, the sheriff and the priest. We explained what had happened, and who was behind the attacks. The town leaders were grateful, and promised to hold a feast in our honor that night. Over the next few days we unloaded the loot we had. Never in my short career in extra-legal activities have I had a haul like that! The danger might be a bit more, but the rewards are astronomically better! If I had the boyos at my back, I think I could make a living at this hero stuff. My skill set even transitions well.

Now that I have some serious cutter in my pocketses, I think I’ll take a short trip into Magnimar. There are a few high end items that I know I can acquire there, plus I think I’ll look into a couple of things, like those Skinsaw folks, and the Gallow Gang, who I think is behind Balty’s disappearance.



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