Rumors and Dangling Threads

Dangling Thread #1…Nualia.

You will recall that in Tsuto’s journal, there was significant reference to someone named Nualia. You know through Patrick and Calico that Nualia was a child who had been adopted and raised by the last Priest of the Sandpoint Cathedral, Father Tobyn – the same priest whose bones had mysteriously disappeared from the cemetery. Nualia possessed unearthly beauty and early in her life rumors abounded among local Varisian families that she possessed the “touch of Desna.” For years, many tried to touch her, take clippings of her hair, or plead for her attention for it was believed that through her, the blessings and healing power of Desna was possible. In her teens she became seldom seen in daily life, purportedly because she struggled with her notoriety. She is believed to have perished with her father when the old Temple burned down. Her mention in Tsuto’s journal is the first that either Patrick or Calico had heard her name in many years.

Dangling Thread #2…What the hell happened to Balty?

After defeating Tsuto in the basement of the glassworks, Balty headed upstairs for some fresh air while others looted and investigated. When the rest of the party came back upstairs, they found evidence of a struggle and no Balty. Evidence found at the service entrance to the glassworks: blood smeared on the exterior wall, footprint patterns that would indicate multiple humanoid sized creatures were engaged in vigorous activity, a large quantity of flayleaf, a small stone pipe that has been used a lot, Balty’s left pinky finger that is still adorned with his family’s crest – a red anvil with a black letter B set in the middle of it.

Dangling Thread #3…Tsuto’s Journal

After defeating Tsuto, you read in his journal the following pertinent details:

1. Talk of the “real raid” on Sandpoint
2. Ripnugget (Shalelu informed you that Ripnugget is the chief of the Thistletop Gobbies)supports the land approach for the raid
3. He advocates the need to get the Quasit’s help by getting her “freaks” to storm tunnel via the smuggler’s tunnel. *not to be overlooked is the fact that there’s a tunnel in the basement of the glassworks that leads off into darkness*
4. Some discussion of Bruthazmus (Shalelu told you that this dude is local Bugbear who is in cahoots with the gobbies)
5. Talk of Malfeshnakor and his/her release and being under Nualia’s control
6. Tsuto’s discusses Nualia’s transformation (and adds some sweet pics too) – talk of her removing her of her “celestial taint” and replacing it with her “mother’s grace”
7. He makes mention of her burning Father Tobyn’s bones at Thistletop has started some sort of demonic transformation
8. Also talk of offering Sandpoint to Lamashtu

Rumors and Dangling Threads

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